GF Beta Baker SUCCESS Stories

The process was very simple and the instructions were straightforward. When I first blended the batter it seemed too runny and I was worried I messed it up, but trusted the process They cooked great and turned out perfectly dense! I used a new waffle maker and under-filled them a bit because I didn’t want them to overflow, so It ended up making 8 waffles I enjoyed mine with local honey, cinnamon, fresh blueberries & butter! So soo good!  Cassie Wild

I love how I can slice your breads as thin as I want to and they hold together so great!!  Wendy Paine

 Made the tortillas and the bread and both are amazing!! I made the tortillas slightly smaller simply so I could fit them into a gallon ziplock freezer bag but they didn’t get to the freezer because my kids ate them all. Jaime Hammond


So, I made the Quinoa-Millet Bread late yesterday. It smelled so wonderful while baking. Now, I might add, the loaf is not as beautiful as yours Janet, but overall a Triumph! I plan to have my first piece toasted. I would definitely make this bread again.😎 Sharri Menne Drake


Tortilla pictures... the boys loved making these. I struggled to get it as thin as you did, but they still turned out well!  Abby Lee

Quinoa Pizza Crusts! 🍕 This was my first experience with the pizza crusts, so I really didn’t know what to expect. They were soo easy to make and the consistency and taste is fantastic! I missed the ”griddle” mention in the directions, and realized it after I baked them in the oven at 400, haha! But they still turned out great! (I believe I had them in closer to 15 min prior to adding toppings.  I flipped about 1/2 way.) They held up great even with all of the toppings we added. Other pizza crusts I’ve used would get soggy from the toppings’ moisture, or the middle wouldn’t get quite done enough, but these cooked perfect at 425 degrees in the over with the toppings on! 10/10! 😊 Cassie Wild

My first trial of the waffle kit and I followed the directions to a tee. The waffle maker was not as deep as the originals, but the taste was the same. So good! I had a nosy 🧐 husband peeking in the waffle maker prematurely that made it an adventure. Next kit I will likely use a deeper form. Margaret Chesebro Newhard

Another successful baking adventure this morning! The multi grain bread rose quickly, and turned out great! Can’t wait to place my next order! Diane Pierce

My first waffle making experience.
I changed the recipe and didn’t add water. Instead I added 1 cup of milk and 2 eggs. Then I added 1/2 t. each, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, & maca. My husband, who doesn’t like the taste of quinoa, liked the waffles. Thanks Janet Malone!
This is a great idea. People can add things into the recipe to have it fit their diet. The spices I added disguised the taste, yet not so overpowering that you could taste them. JoAnne Friedman